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Guide to painting your house

Guide to painting your house

Are you a professional or amateur painter? Or just an individual wishing to try something new like painting your house yourself. Some Nigerians just like doing their thing themselves you know. Whichever category you belong, painting your house can drastically improve and perk up a tired and drab interior and fairly cheap and easy to do by yourself. Making sure you have everything you need together before you start is a good way to save time and mess in the long run. You have probably already decided what colour paint you want, (if not – contact permolit professionals in Nigeria for help) so, what else will you need think about?

Primer:  You may choose to prepare the walls with primer, this covers any previous colours used on the walls which may show through, meaning less coats of top paint are required for a good, even result.

Matte paint:  Matte or flat paint gives off no sheen, better for painting over slightly cracked or pitted walls as it doesn’t reflect light and adheres well to rough surfaces. Matte will not withstand heavy cleaning and is used most often to paint ceilings as it makes for a more even finish.

Satin paint:  Satin paint is the most common paint used for interior walls, it reflects light and hence the name has a satin sheen, it doesn’t cover wall imperfections as well. Satin is more hardwearing than matte paint, good if you have children or pets and will need to clean often.

Gloss paint:  Gloss paint is rarely, if ever, used for painting walls. As the name suggests gloss, paint has a high gloss finish and is used to paint skirting boards, trims, doors and decorative features. Gloss paint will survive heavy cleaning and scrubbing.

Rollers:  Paint rollers are good for applying paint to a large area of wall quickly and evenly, they can also be extended and used to paint ceilings with ease. If you need to use your roller the following day, without the hassle of cleaning it, it can be wrapped tightly in a plastic bag and placed in the freezer, this applies to brushes too.

Brushes:  Brushes are ideal for painting corners and edges with precision, good if you are having different colours on each wall or the ceiling. Brushes should be used when using gloss paint. It may be worth spending a little bit more money on a good brush, to get an even finish, while avoiding bristles from the brush falling out and being left on your walls. It is important to thoroughly wash and dry your brushes when your decorating project is finished, so they can be used again.

Masking tape:  To avoid getting gloss on your freshly painted (dry) walls when glossing the skirting board, apply masking tape along the bottom of the wall, at the top of the skirting to avoid ruining your walls with gloss if you slip or make a mistake.

Dust sheets:  If you are not removing the furniture from the room to be painted or to protect your carpets/flooring from getting paint splashed or dripped upon, use dust sheets to cover anything you don’t want ruined.

Ladders:  Finally you will need a pair of step ladders to get to those hard to reach corners you will be painting with a brush.

Taking your time will achieve great results when painting your house, leaving you to be proud of a bright, clean home and a job well done.

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