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Out of its passion and determination in helping Nigerians crystallize the home of their dream through making available the kind of exceptional and luxurious home finishing that is obtainable in the most developed countries of the world, LEGEND INTERIOR LTD is proud to announce the introduction of PERMOLIT paint with a franchise for the whole of West Africa.

PERMOLIT paint is a new technology, silicone – added and acrylic based plastic emulsion paint. This 3rd generation paint has a lot of rare and unique qualities, colour diversities, convenient packaging and numerous varieties. It is produced by the Akcali paint company – one of the world’s leading global paint manufacturing companies in Turkey.

With over 40 years experience and more than 260 kinds of products, the company is ranked among the top in the whole of Europe and Eurasia. Being certified by the world renowned TUV in Germany Thüringen and with the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification, the company is ceaselessly committed to offering its client with best quality product at reasonable price through constantly equipping its research department with the latest technological and expert staff.

PERMOLIT paint has a lot of rare qualities that gives it an edge over every other paint and coating in the building and construction industry. Some of these features are outlined on the Home page;

Our Vision

Our vision is to stand above our competitors in the West African market by being known for the quality of our products, the exceptional service we provide, and the integrity with which we treat all of our employees and business relationships.

What we Do?
We carry out research to find the best globally acclaimed products that can serve Nigerians and the entire West African subcontinent, then make it available and affordable .
Our Company's Values


We are committed to conducting all of our business relationships in a manner that is honest, fair and ethical and that emphasizes open, direct communication.


We are committed to giving Nigerians the best quality products from any part of the world it is found. We also strive for continuous improvements in everything we do.


We focus on anticipating and exceeding the expectations of all of our business partners, finding the best solutions for their needs and responding in a timely manner. We will do this by adhering to a standard of professionalism that represents our knowledge, experience and respect for others.

How to get Support?
If you wish to get support on any of our products bought please send us a mail and we would respond in less than 24 hours
Where can you find us?
We are all over Nigeria and making plans to take it to other West African countries. To find a permolit paint shop closest to you please call the number below
Why choose our Company?
As a wholesale distribution business of  building & construction products we recognise the value of delivering our promises thus ensuring the highest standards of service at all times.


We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their Paint Experience Wonderful

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